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Adults with ADHD

Regrettably this practice is not able to provide comprehensive NHS services for adults with ADHD.

National guidance expects long term involvement of specialists in reviewing adults with ADHD, along with their medical treatment, but this does not currently happen in Oxfordshire. Consequently the practice has taken the difficult decision that any new requests from specialists, both NHS and private, to prescribe ADHD medications to adult patients, will be declined. We will be making this clear to providers of ADHD services at the point we refer patients for a diagnostic assessment. The care of adults already receiving ADHD treatments remains under careful review. Patients may be able to access the care they need outside of the NHS, for instance by seeking a referral to a private provider from their NHS GP or NHS specialist. As your NHS GP, we will not enter into “shared care” arrangements with private providers.

Patients should not be left without the care they need due to a lack of comprehensive NHS funding, and our local representatives have raised this issue with local funding and decision-making groups. If you also wish to raise this issue you may want to contact the “planned care team” at BOB ICB, , and/or your MP.”

Family Planning

Make an appointment with a GP or nurse for confidential advice on contraception.

Antenatal Care

Royal Berkshire Hospital usually looks after all our mums-to-be. Their dedicated Maternity Appointments Line is 0118 322 8964/Option 1. They are open Mon-Fri, 8am – 6pm. Please ring for your first appointment with your Community Midwife. Clinics are run 7 days a week and this may be at a surgery, a local Children’s Centre or one of their hospital hubs.

Child Health

If you would like to contact a Health Visitor, please use the ChatHealth text line 07312 263081.


Baby immunisations for all ages are available during surgery times by appointment with our nurses.

Time: Year-round, normally afternoons.


We run a flu immunisation clinic in the autumn.

Time: Usually October and November. You will be contacted with the dates once confirmed if you are allegeable.


Regular check-ups and advice from our pharmacists on lifestyle, inhaler techniques and medication.

Time: Specific Asthma appointments are available on request.


Regular check-ups and advice from practice nurses, dietician and doctors on management and medication.

Time: Year-round, letters will be sent when check-ups are due.

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